Local area variation in health visiting contacts across England for children under age 5: a cross-sectional analysis of administrative data in England 2018-2020

Mengyun Liu, Jenny Woodman, Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Amanda Clery, Catherine Bunting, Samantha Bennett, Sally Kendall, Jennifer Kirman, Helen Weatherly, Jane Barlow, Helen Bedford, Katie Harron
Published online: May 13, 2024

Cohort profile: A population-based record linkage platform to address critical epidemiological evidence gaps in respiratory syncytial virus and other respiratory infections

Minda Sarna, Belaynew Taye, Huong Le, Fiona Giannini, Kathryn Glass, Christopher C Blyth, Peter Richmond, Rebecca Glauert, Avram Levy, Hannah C Moore
Published online: Apr 11, 2024