Describing the linkage between administrative social assistance and health care databases in Ontario, Canada

Claire de Oliveira, Evgenia Gatov, Laura Rosella, Simon Chen, Rachel Strauss, Mahmoud Azimaee , Elizabeth Paterno, Astrid Guttmann, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services-ICES Working Group, Nelson Chong, Peter Ionescu, Sean Ji, Alexander Kopp, Annie Lan, Charlotte Ma, Miranda Pring, Priyanka Raj, Steven Ryan, Refik Saskin, Fiona Wong
Published online: Mar 3, 2022

A population level study into health vulnerabilities of mothers and fathers involved in public law care proceedings in Wales, UK between 2011 and 2019

Rhodri David Johnson, Dr Laura North, Dr Bachar Alrouh, Professor Ann John, Professor Kerina A Jones, Ashley Akbari, Jon Smart, Simon Thompson, Dr Claire Hargreaves, Dr Stefanie Doebler, Dr Linda Cusworth, Professor Karen Broadhurst, Professor David V Ford, Dr Lucy J Griffiths
Published online: Apr 6, 2022

Attitudes towards the collection and linkage of maltreatment data for research: A qualitative study

Gwenllian Moody, Dr Rebecca Cannings-John, Professor Kerenza Hood, Professor Michael Robling
Published online: Jan 26, 2022

What makes administrative data research-ready?

A systematic review and thematic analysis of published literature

Louise Mc Grath-Lone, Matthew A Jay, Ruth Blackburn, Emma Gordon, Ania Zylbersztejn, Linda Wiljaars, Ruth Gilbert
Published online: Apr 27, 2022

A more accurate approach to define abortion cohorts using linked administrative data: an application to Ontario, Canada

Laura Schummers, Kimberlyn McGrail, Elizabeth K Darling, Sheila Dunn, Anastasia Gayowsky, Janusz Kaczorowski, Wendy V. Norman
Published online: Apr 29, 2022

Development and implementation of a national online application system for cross-jurisdictional linked data

Natalie Wray, Kate Miller, Katie Irvine, Elizabeth Moore, Alice Crisp, Kathleen Baupaume, Catherine Taylor, Rob Smetak, Nadine Wiggins, Mikhalina Dombrovskaya, Felicity Flack
Published online: Apr 27, 2022

Data Resource: Children Receiving Care and Support and Children in Need, administrative records in Wales.

Alexandra Lee, Martin Elliott, Jonathan Scourfield, Stuart Bedston, Karen Broadhurst, David Ford, Lucy Griffiths
Published online: May 9, 2022