IJPDS is delighted to present this special issue of population data centre profiles. A population data centre is defined in this context as an information environment providing access to linked datasets at person-level from multiple routine data sources, with explicit approaches to how this linkage is done, and how data are managed and safeguarded for the purposes of service-delivery, research or both.

With articles from population data centres across the world, this special issue represents a unique resource, bringing together into one place a wealth of information. Modes of operation vary between centres, but in general, the information includes: rationales for the establishment of the centres; population settings; architecture and IT, relevant legislation and governance; data linkage models; data access models; a description of the datasets that can be made available; and some noteworthy outputs.

We hope readers will enjoy this special issue and see it as a valuable addition to the literature base. The special issue will remain open to new submissions so that further articles can be added in the future to continue to build this resource.

Achieving quality primary care data: a description of the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network data capture, extraction, and processing in Alberta

Stephanie Garies, Hude Quan, Kimberley Duerksen, Donna Manca, Neil Drummond, Matt Taylor, Boglarka Soos, Kerry McBrien, Brian Forst, Michael Cummings, Tyler Williamson
Published online: Nov 20, 2019

A Profile of the SAIL Databank on the UK Secure Research Platform

Kerina H Jones, David Vincent Ford, Simon Thompson, Ronan Lyons
Published online: Nov 20, 2019

The Center for Data and Knowledge Integration for Health (CIDACS)

An Experience of Linking Health and Social Data in Brazil

Mauricio Lima Barreto, Laura Rodrigues, Spiros Denaxas, George Barbosa, M. Sanni Ali, Manoel Barral-Netto, Gerson Penna, Robespierre Pita, Carlos Teles, Roberto P Carreiro, Rosemeire Fiaccone, Liliana Cabral, Marcos Ennes Barreto, Bethania de Araujo Almeida, Maria Yuri Ichihara, Liam Smeeth
Published online: Nov 20, 2019

Population Data Centre Profile: The Manitoba Centre for Health Policy

Alan Katz, Jennifer Enns, Mark Smith, Charles Burchill, Ken Turner, Dave Towns
Published online: Feb 25, 2020

Administrative Data Research Northern Ireland (ADR NI)

Dermot O'Reilly, Orla Bateson, Gemma McGreevy, Chris Snoddy, Tracy Power
Published online: Feb 25, 2020

Population Data Centre Profile: SA NT DataLink (South Australia and Northern Territory)

Matthias Schneider, Christopher Gordon Radbone, Stacy Ann Vasquez, Miroslav Palfy, Andrew Kristjan Stanley
Published online: Dec 5, 2019

Population Data Centre Profiles: Centre for Data Linkage

James H Boyd, Sean Randall, Adrian P Brown, Max Maller, Davie Botes, Margo Gillies, Anna Ferrante
Published online: Mar 11, 2020

Data Centre Profile: The Provincial Health Data Centre of the Western Cape Province, South Africa

Andrew Boulle, Ian de Vega, Melvin Moodley, Lesley Shand, Adam Loff, Naadir Fredericks, Robin Dyers, Renier van Rooyen, Eduan Coetzee, Kasturi Buddiga, Cara Pienaar, Florence Phelanyane, Nesbert Zinyakatira, Themba Mutemaringa, Mariette Smith, Nicki Tiffin, Alexa Heekes, Krish Vallabhjee
Published online: Nov 20, 2019

ICES: Data, Discovery, Better Health

Michael J Schull, Mahmoud Azimaee, Marcel Marra, Rosario G Cartagena, Marian J Vermeulen, Minnie M Ho, Astrid Guttmann
Published online: Mar 11, 2020

Population Data Centre Profile - The Western Australian Data Linkage Branch

Steve Hodges, Tom Eitelhuber, Alexandra Merchant, Janine Alan
Published online: Mar 11, 2020

Population Data BC: Supporting population data science in British Columbia

Tavinder Kaur Ark, Sarah Kesselring, Brent Hills, Kim McGrail
Published online: Mar 26, 2020