The 2nd annual ADRF Network Research Conference is co-convened by University of Pennsylvania’s Actionable Intelligence for Social Policy and Georgetown University’s Massive Data Institute.

Our 2018 conference builds on last year’s successful inaugural event which drew nearly 150 participants from academia, government, the private sector, think tanks, and other organizations to advance administrative data use in social science research. 

This year, the conference program has been expanded to two full days with the theme innovations in administrative data for social science. Nearly 50 oral presentation abstracts are published in this issue of the IJPDS. The presentations cover a wide range of topics including solutions for overcoming technical, organizational, and methodological challenges in administrative data access and use as well as examples where administrative data have been leveraged for policymaking and decision support across major domain areas. We are also delighted to share that these presentations represent research and advances from 6 different countries. 

 The ADRF Network Research Conference continues to serve as a forum to share groundbreaking work and promote interdisciplinary and cross-sector dialogue that will shape the future of the social sciences. We look forward to growing the conference in upcoming years. 

Monica King and Amy O’Hara
Conference co-conveners

Spark for Social Science

Graham MacDonald, Alex Engler, Jeffrey Levy, Sarah Armstrong
Published online: Oct 10, 2018

Building a repository for record linkage

Susan Hautaniemi Leonard, Abay Israel, Margaret Levenstein, Trent Alexander
Published online: Oct 11, 2018

International Data Access Network (IDAN)

Roxane Silberman, Dana Mueller, Beate Lichtwardt
Published online: Oct 11, 2018

Demonstrating the Use of Linked Data to Advance Education Research

Sonya R Porter, Nick Pharris-Ciurej, Emily Penner, Quentin Brummet
Published online: Oct 11, 2018

Using Integrated Data to Design and Support Pay For Success Interventions

Claudia Coulton, Meghan Salas Atwell, Francisca Richter, Elizabeth Anthony
Published online: Oct 12, 2018

A Typology of Transition-Age Youth

Jessica Raithel, Andrew Wallace, Maryanne Schretzman, Eileen Johns
Published online: Oct 12, 2018

Leveraging U.S. Army Administrative Data for Individual and Team Performance

Joshua Goldstein, Vicki Lancaster, Nathaniel J Ratcliff, Joel A Thurston
Published online: Oct 12, 2018

Aboriginal life pathways through multiple human service domains; administrative data linkage for policy

Francis Mitrou, Stephen Zubrick, Glenn Pearson, Anna Ferrante, Melissa O’Donnell, Sarah Johnson, Helen Milroy, Ngiare Brown, Jonathan Carapetis
Published online: Oct 12, 2018