Demonstrating the Utility of New Linked National Health Survey and Administrative Data: Secondary CVD Prevention in The Community

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Danielle Butler
Hsei Di Butler
Ellie Paige
Lynelle Moon
Emily Banks
Rosemary J Korda


Cardiovascular events are largely preventable though access to timely quality primary health care and use of guideline-recommended medication. However, around half of Australians with cardiovascular disease (CVD) are not receiving best practice treatment. This study aims to identify factors associated with under treatment, using National Health Survey (NHS) linked for the first time to administrative health data.

Objectives and Approach
Participants with self-reported CVD in the NHS 2014-15 were included in the study, with data linked to Medicare (MBS) and pharmaceutical (PBS) data by the Australian Bureau of Statistics through the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project (MADIP). Use of primary and specialist ambulatory care and blood pressure- and lipid-lowering medications and their relation to sociodemographic and health characteristics were quantified using logistic and Poisson regression analyses.

1100 participants with self-reported CVD were available for analysis, with linkage rates for NHS data to a Person Linkage Spine of 95%. We will present our findings from adjusted regression models (incomplete at time of abstract submission).

Conclusion / Implications
The nationally representative linked data developed under this project provides a unique opportunity to quantify and identify points to improve access to best practice CVD care, with the ultimate aim of preventing secondary CVD events in the population. Findings will also inform optimal use of MADIP data by the research community in order to answer questions of national importance and provide robust evidence to drive improvement in health and health care.

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Butler, D., Butler, H. D., Paige, E., Moon, L., Banks, E. and Korda, R. J. (2020) ‚ÄúDemonstrating the Utility of New Linked National Health Survey and Administrative Data: Secondary CVD Prevention in The Community‚ÄĚ, International Journal of Population Data Science, 5(5). doi: 10.23889/ijpds.v5i5.1567.

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