Call for manuscripts ‘Work designed to influence policy and practice’


IJPDS is delighted to present a call for manuscripts for a special issue on work designed to influence policy and practice.

The first deadline for the special issue is 31st May 2021, with further calls to follow.

This relates to working with local or national policy-makers, such as government bodies, regulators or other agencies who create public policies. Or it relates to working with health, social care, education or other public service practitioners. The focus of the work may involve either or both policy-makers and/or practitioners but it must be intended to influence policy and/or practice.

The call covers two main types of manuscript:

  • The overarching approach your organisation takes to working with policy-makers and practitioners, how your organisation works with them via formal structures and in influencing decision‑making processes, and particular examples of how you’ve engaged with them along with challenges and successes
  • Particular research studies designed to influence policy and practice. This should include the target group(s) of policy-makers and practitioners, the nature of their contribution to the study. Importantly, the results of such studies must focus on their actual or intended influence on policy and practice

All manuscripts must be centred on Population Data Science, as per the scope of IJPDS The word limit is 4,000 with the option to include up to 4 tables/figures in total. If appropriate, you could include a policy‑maker and/or practitioner on your author list.


Guidance on structure

The overarching approach of your organisation

We expect manuscripts on the overarching approach your organisation takes to work designed to influence policy and practice to include the following sections and this sort of information:

Background/Introduction: A short introduction to the work of your organisation or group. Your rationale and ethos for working with policy-makers and practitioners and which groups you (mainly, not exhaustively) work with.

Approach: Your organisation/group’s policy and strategy for influencing policy and practice, including the ways in which representatives are included, how the work is organised, and how you assess its value and impact. Include information on dedicated roles and structures for influencing policy and practice. If there were research elements that informed the development of your overarching work, please include these. 

Discussion: Strengths and limitations of your approach, challenges that have been addressed, ongoing challenges, and examples (no more than 3) of successes where working with policy-makers and practitioners has made a difference and the nature of the impact made. Likely plans for the future. 

Conclusion: Drawing the work together.


Particular research studies

We expect manuscripts on particular research studies to follow the standard IMRAD format for a research article. Please be sure to focus the work on influencing policy and practice.

We appreciate the need to be flexible as not all work designed to influence policy and practice fits neatly into one or other of the two categories of manuscript. If you have any queries, or would like to send a draft abstract for advice, please