There is no question that the consistently high quality of IJPDS publications is strengthened with the help of our talented international panel of peer reviewers.

Whilst there are many benefits to peer reviewing, at IJPDS we want to go the extra mile for our reviewers and offer a system of recognition for all of your hard work and ongoing dedication to Population Data Science and IJPDS.

So, we are pleased to announce we have now launched our brand new peer reviewer rewards and incentives scheme.

  • All the names of our peer reviewers will be posted in an annual list on the IJPDS website.
  • The names of the people who review a manuscript will be published alongside the article*
  • Installation of the ORCID Peer Review Record. To enable our reviewers to receive credit and recognition for their contributions, and to build a record of peer review achievements.
  • Peer reviewers will receive an e-certificate from IJPDS at the end of each year

We are truly grateful to our peer reviewers and your tireless ongoing support for IJPDS.

So this is all for YOU!

Because sometimes ‘thank you’ just isn’t enough.

*Subject to consent from the peer reviewer