At IJPDS we strive to provide the best support and assistance to our authors wherever possible, to help promote every article we publish and enable maximum exposure and reach internationally.

But how far is this reach exactly? Who is talking about your research? And how can you track the impact your research is having?

Introducing Altmetric

To help you track the impact of your research across the internet, IJPDS has invested in Altmetric.

Knowing who’s talking about your research and what they’re saying is crucial in today’s increasingly online world. Ensuring your work is being accurately represented and interpreted, as well as getting to the right people at the right time, all plays an important factor its broader impact.

With altmetrics, you can start to track this information as soon as your research is published – meaning no waiting around for citations, and the chance to engage directly with the audiences who are interested in your work.

With Altmetric you can:

  • Monitor and track early engagement
  • Demonstrate the influence and impact of your research to your funders
  • Find out the most effective online channels to share and promote your research
  • Find potential new collaborators who are interested in what you are doing

Altmetric Badges

Every article published in IJPDS will be provided an Altmetric badge, embedded into the publication page. The badge will give our authors and website visitors an at-a-glance summary of all the online attention each published article has received.

We are very excited to bring this insightful resource to IJPDS authors and we hope you find that it adds significant value to your ongoing research endeavours.

Altmetric will go live on the IJPDS website this September.