Since its launch in 2017, IJPDS continues to publish a growing body of Population Data Science manuscripts in our endeavours to help and support the ongoing development of this new field.

As the catalogue of published work increases, we actively welcome you to submit Letters to the Editor to encourage scientific discourse beyond the peer-review process. Scientific research and knowledge is cumulative and it is our collective responsibility to build upon new discoveries through open discussion.

A Letter to the Editor is a great medium to lend your own expertise and experience to already published studies. You can provide positive support or a critique on a particular paper, maybe float alternative hypotheses, or raise points not adequately covered by the author in the article. You may wish to provide additional information, give a different perspective on the matter, perhaps to provide feedback on the data used in a study, or even present additional data to enhance the study. The ultimate aim of the Letter to the Editor being to help control and develop articles and improve scientific investigation. It is also a great stage to communicate an interest in potential future collaborations. 

Letters to the Editor that are accepted as adding real value to an article will be published in IJPDS, and the authors of the paper will be invited to respond to the Letter in question, which will also be published. Due to the nature of such exchanges, all Letters to the Editor will be expedited.

As this format is less formal than a full research article, it is a great platform for new authors to gain experience of scientific writing and publishing as well as more experienced academics. Plus, each Letter published can receive citations, thereby adding to your academic record of impact.


We hope you will join the ongoing debate and we look forward to hearing from you!

Professor Kerina Jones



For information on how to compose a Letter to the Editor for IJPDS, please refer to the Author Guidelines